Wedding Shopping: The Do’s and Don’ts - Menorah

Your wedding is the single most important day of your life and having everything to the T is important. As brides one of the most exciting part of this journey is shopping for your wedding gown. But, at the same time, it is equally stressful. With a little pre-planning and some help from family and friends, wedding shopping is going to be a cakewalk. 

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Start with a Vision Board:

Wedding shopping without a vision is big faux pas in the wedding industry. Many months before your wedding, start Pinterest boards or vision boards that will have all the details of your big day. It is advisable to keep one especially for your wedding outfit. It can have designers you like, the different wedding gown silhouettes, accessories, lace and beads samples etc. This kind of a board will give a idea of what you will look like on your big day and in turn helps with wedding shopping. 

Do a little R (research): 

It is important for bride to do a bit of research before heading out on a shopping spree. It is never wrong to check out multiple stores and boutiques cause after all it is the single most important thing that you will ever wear. Check out price ranges too as you don’t want to fall in love with a gown that is out of your budget. Watch out for discounted gowns as well….they may paint a pretty picture but it will be anything but pretty. 

Shop with an open mind:

As bride, you must have envisioned yourself walking down the aisle in a glittery princess ball gown. But in reality, a ball gown may not enhance your body type. While shopping for your wedding gown, it is important to come with an open mind. Try out different silhouettes and styles of gowns. You might end up liking the total opposite of what you have dreamed off. 

Limit your Bridal Entourage! 

Wedding shopping is a handful and when you a huge entourage, stress levels are sure to hit the roof. While shopping, it is advisable to take the help and advise of trusted friends and families. Having said this, limit the number to about 3 people. These three people should be able to give you honest opinions without any bias. 

Don’t wait for the last minute…

The process of putting together your wedding look is tedious and stressful. It is highly advisable that as brides, you don’t wait for the last minute to get your look in place. Start atleast 6 months in advance. But be sure to keep up with the changing trends. Select gowns that will work in any season or can be altered to fit the season you’re getting married in. Be sure to check out deadlines and time frames that bridal boutique take incase of alterations and customised gowns.

Alterations on a wedding gown are not only expensive but may end up changing the entire look. Before finalising on a gown, be sure to check with bridal consultants on the changes and alterations you will need. Don’t expect that your gown is going to have a factory like finish even after the alterations.