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Find Your Perfect Fit!

Find Your Perfect Fit!

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Your wedding gown is the single most important thing that you will wear! But, choosing that perfect gown is not as easy as it seems. While selecting a gown, there are numerous factors to consider. A bride needs to look at her personality, her venue, theme and also a silhouette that will accentuate all the right curves. From A-lines to ball gowns, mermaids and trumpet style gowns, wedding gowns can come in all shapes and sizes. 

Menorah Bridal got in touch with a city based designer who share her views on the silhouettes and the body types they suit.

Source: pintrest

An A-Line is Universal!

One can never go wrong with this silhouette. A-line gowns are said to be one of the easiest gowns to pull off for any bride. Screaming comfort and elegance, A-lines can easily become your dream wedding gown. Designer Resham Kunhi sharing her expert opinion says, “A-line gowns suit all body types as it flairs down towards the bottom no matter your shape and size.” 

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The classic Ball Gown…

There is something about a ball gown for a wedding that is “oh so magical”. Walking down the aisle with a mystical ivory-coloured shimmery ball gown personifies classic charm and elegance. “A ball gown is perfect for anyone who wants to show-off their upper body. The fitted bodice and voluminous skirt is perfect to do just this. A ball gown is also great when you want to accentuate your natural waistline,” Reshma adds. 

Insider’s knowledge – A ball gown can be quite heavy what with all the layers of net and tulle. So if you’re ready for the weight then go for it. You are definitely going to make heads turn. 

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The Mermaid…

We have always been fascinated with the concept of mermaids. So, to bring a little mermaid charm into our lives, some designer long long ago came up with mermaid gown. Kudos to the designer, as we are loving it. A mermaid gown is fitted, it snugs your hips and your waist before ending in a dramatic flare. So, if you have the curves in all the right place, then this is the gown for you. 

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Trumpet Gown! 

There has been a lot of debate on the difference between a mermaid and a trumpet gown. Yes! they are pretty similar but the difference lies in the flare. A mermaid has a dramatic flare whereas a trumped it more gradual and mellow. Reshma shares, “A trumpet gowns look good on curvier women as does not stick to your body as much as a mermaid.” 

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Sheath Gowns: 

When chic style and elegance is the vibe your are opting for your wedding, a sheath gown plays right into this vibe. Reshma adds, “Sheath gowns is perfect for petite women as it takes their natural body shape and has straight cut and a fitted form. But anyone with an hourglass shape can also play around with it.” 
Floral Trends 2021

Floral Trends 2021

When it comes to weddings, things are ever-changing. Things that worked in past are no more relevant. As millennial, we have seen our mothers holding over-the-top white and red bouquets that touch the ground. Additionally, floral pieces that were placed across their venues had little to no experiment at all. This was a set standard that was followed by all. These days, florals pieces and bouquets play a huge role in weddings. Careful eye to detail is paid to every floral centre-piece, bouquets and decor. 
Here is how trends have changed this year! 

Petit Bouquets: 

Gigantic and extravagant bouquets are a thing of the past. Brides these days have become quite specific with the type of floral pieces that they would want in their wedding. Their bouquets have to be modern, chic and in par with their theme. This year, petit bouquets are quite big. I would recommend personally choosing the right blooms and having them arranged to show your bridal personality. Try out exotic florals like cream ranunculus, peachy peonies, powder blue hydrangeas or even a crisp white gardenia.

Bring in Texture: 

The thing about modern day wedding is that anything works! You want a massive floral centre piece then go for it! You want petals adorning your aisle, why the hell not? The best part about planning a wedding now is that there are so many things to choose from. Instead of going for an all-flower bouquet, add in a bit of texture. Forest green foliage or even curly willow can be added to a bouquet to ooze rustic charm. If chic elegance is your vibe, try our baby’s breath or even Queen Anne’s lace for chic floral do. 

Green and White!

One can never go wrong with the green and white combination. Simple, crisp and classic, this combination has stood the test of time. This season, we will be seeing a lot of greens and whites in haute couture floral designs. Screaming classic elegance, any bride with this colour combination is sure to make a huge and loud statement. 

Grounded Installations!

The trend of having ceiling floral installations has been going on for years now but this year, things are more grounded. I would recommend keeping things simple! Choose an extravagant floral pieces for your aisle and your wedding venue while keeping other decor pieces to the bare minimum. Mix and match from a range of flowers like Lily of the Valley, Liropes and Alyssums. 

Be Bold and Colourful –

There is nothing stopping you from choosing bold, bright and beautiful colours for your wedding. So go right ahead and be bold while selecting the types of florals to adorn your wedding venue. Add in a bit of neutral shades and deep green foliage so that it gives break from the vibrant colours. From Pansy to Hyacinth and Lilac to Garden rose, the choice is endless. 
Menorah Bridal blog of the Week!

Menorah Bridal blog of the Week!

In a bygone era, weddings were more traditional in terms of themes. But, over the years, we have learnt to embrace new and unique colours like dusty roses, blush pinks and pastel blues. Themes these days are extremely important while planning your dream wedding. The right theme sets the tone for the entire ceremony and leaves your guests with a lasting impression. This year, you can expect a lot of unusual colours palettes that are gonna make a splash on your big day. 

Read on to find out more about the themes that are trending this year. 

The Multiple Shades of Grey!

Yes Grey! Despite the bad reputation that it has gained over the years, it is a stunning shade. The shade is versatile and is sure to add a touch of elegance to your big day. If you’re skeptical of using  all grey, try and pair it with other colours. With a grey background, add small touches of blush, forest green and even teal. This, you can do in the form of floral pieces, decor, table runners etc.

Powder Blue or Pastel Blue:

Any shade of pastel is a stunner. But, baby blue in particular is just dreamy. This shade of blue has been around for a long time and with weddings, it is a favourite! When using a shade like pastel blue, you can use it on its own or pair it up with colours like dusty rose, teal, white and minty green.  I would highly recommend using it on its own to keep the ceremony clean and crisp. In the form of bridesmaid dress, bow ties and even bouquets, there is a never ending list of ways in which you can use this colour. 

Mustard Yellow and Green! 

Summery colours are on trend this season. Adding shades of yellow, green, oranges and reds to your big day is surely going to make you stand out. This season, mustard yellow and green are going hand-in-hand. When the vibe that your are going for is bright, cheery and full of life, then this theme is a must have. I would suggest having your bridesmaids is mustard yellow dresses and bright green foliage as a hair accessory. Additionally, you can have marigold, yellow tulips and carnations bunches along your aisle. Be sure to give the colour a break with some forest green foliage. 


This is an unusual colour that has been gaining prominence over the last couple of years. Dark and mysterious, terracotta as a wedding colour is quite new and brides are loving it. Going for a vibe that is not sparkly and girly, terracotta is sure to add depth to any wedding party. Oozing rustic charm, you can incorporate this shade in your cake, bridesmaid dresses, table runners, centre pieces etc. 

Rose Gold and Rose Brown Pantone: 

One can never go wrong with these colours. When you mix colours like glittery rose gold and a mysterious rose brown pantone, the result is a chic, luxurious and a well-curated wedding ceremony. Add a touch of elegance and panache in the form of rose gold and brown bridesmaid dress, glittery table cloths and even in the form of a sparkly manicure and pedicure.
Menorah Bridal Blog of the Week!

Menorah Bridal Blog of the Week!

1. Decide on a Budget and stick to it!

The first and foremost thing that you will need to do as a couple and as a family is to decide on a budget for your big day. When you have zeroed in on a figure, try and stick to it. Additionally, when certain things go over budget, look for alternatives and DIY’s that are easy on your pocket and leave a lasting impression on your guests.   

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2. Get Organized!

It is safe to say…weddings are a pain to plan and execute! Therefore, getting organized months ahead is highly advisable. I would suggest getting a good sized wedding journal that will contain A – Z information that you will need. From the wedding photographer to menu, venue, makeup artist, caterer information to even your guest list. It is highly recommended that you sort all this out at least 6 months before you get hitched.

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3. Stack up Wedding Magazines and Blogs…

Some amount of inspiration is definitely needed when you start planning for your big day. Go through wedding magazines like Vogue, Brides, Martha Stewart Wedding and blogs like The Knot and WedMeGood that are sure to give you some great ideas. Additionally, you can also set up a mood board with themes, accessories and décor pieces that you would like to add to your wedding.

4. Get the perfect gown and accessories!

Nothing speaks louder than the perfect gown that compliments your personality and style. Do a full-on research of the silhouettes that you are partial too and then, head out with your entourage for trials. I would suggest taking a maximum of two people with you so that you are not bombarded with thousands of suggestions and ideas. Be open-minded cause maybe you will end up loving a dress that was not part of the plan at all!

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5. Set an NGO registry!

This is a relatively new trend that couples are adopting. What you can do is make a list of NGO’s and social causes that you feel passionate about. Post that, you can request your guest to make a donation to any of these causes instead of getting you the same ol’ silverware and flatware!

Bridesmaid Boxes Must Have’s!

Bridesmaid Boxes Must Have’s!

As a bride, your wedding day is bound to be hectic and you are sure to need all the help you can get. Having the right group of gals alongside is of the utmost importance. Bridesmaid proposal boxes are a recent trend that has been creating waves. These boxes are a great way to make your bridesmaids feel special. From mini champagne bottles, cookies and chocolates to even pieces of jewellery, you can get as creative as you want with these boxes. 


Read on to find some inspiration on things you can add to your bride boxes!

1. Robes and Slipper!

This is a great add to any bridesmaid box. Robes and slippers are a must have for when your group of gals are getting all dolled up for the your big day or even for the bachelorette. Choose from a variety of colours and fabrics that perfectly compliments the personality of each of your bridesmaid.

2. Edible Goodies

Who doesn’t love some cute and chic goodies to munch on? You can add a selection of handmade gourmet chocolates, cookies, biscuits and even mini bottles of Moet champagne. This cute addition is sure to make your bridal box memorable.

3. Self care products!

Weddings are stressful on the entire bridal party. As important as it is for a bride to relax and wind-down, her bridesmaids too require some amount of self-care. From bath salts to a good loofa, bath bombs and body scrubs…the selection is endless. 

4. Destination wedding must haves!

If you plan to have a destination wedding, a great way to break the news to you bridesmaid are through these boxes. In fact, you can design a game around it and have your bridesmaid guess your dream wedding destinations. Have thing small pieces that perfectly describe your destination. Eg. a sarong for beach wedding!

5. Jewellry!

Small pieces of jewellery for each bridesmaid will show them the amount of love and appreciation you have for them. You can choose from studs to cute pendants that they can wear to wedding. Just go online and you are sure to be spoilt for choice on the selection and prices.