Make-up ready Skin! - Menorah

For every bride, her wedding is one of the most important days of her life. With all eyes on her, looking picture perfect is something that takes a lot of time and effort. But with some pre-care to her skin and a few changes to her lifestyle, having makeup-ready skin is just a few steps away. We got in touch with a two makeup artists from the city who share a few insights on how brides can prep their skin for their big day. 


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1. Don’t forget your Sunscreen!

Bengaluru based Makeup-artist Lekha Neelakantappa advises brides to make sunscreen a part of their daily routine. She says, “Sunscreen is a must even if you’re at home. If you forget sunscreen, the creams and acids will not work.” Make it a part of your morning routine that way, you will reach for your sunscreen first thing every morning. 

2. An Amped up Beauty Regimen…

Prior to your wedding, having a bulletproof beauty regimen is absolutely necessary. Makeup artist Simmy Sakhuja says, “Start using a hydrating or brightening serum, weekly facial masks, regular exfoliation and other targeted treatments to prep your skin for the big day.” Unfortunately for us, we need external Vitamin C supplements which needs to be incorporate into our skincare routine. “The right skincare includes Vitamin C either in their morning or night routine,” adds Lekha. 


3. Out With Facial Hair. 

Facial hair is big no-no says Lekha who also adds, “Brides can either get it razored or if it is in excess, I recommend visiting a dermatologist. Laser is safe but it is better to consult a dermatologist to see if your skin is suitable for such a treatment. Makeup just doesn’t sit and blend well on skin that has facial hair.”

4. Take Care of Your Acne!

Taking care go your acne is an important task that needs to be done at least six months before your wedding. Lekha shares, “Brides with acne-prone skin need to visit a dermatologist more than two months before their wedding. Generally, it is always peels but the downside to this is that it dries up the skin. Doing a chemical peel just before the wedding is a big no!” 

5. Watch Your Diet. 

The food you consume plays a huge role in your skin’s texture and clarity says Simmy. “Start paying very close attention to your nutrition. No one wants a dreaded pimple on their wedding day! For a healthy, glowing complexion, try a glowing skin diet and pop an Omega 3 Fatty Acid capsule everyday,” she concludes.