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Every aspect of buying your wedding gown is exciting. Be it trying on a gown for the first time or finally saying yes to “the one.” Amidst all this, one major stage of this process is your fittings and alterations. This will have to be the most important stage of getting your wedding gown. To ensure a hassle-free fitting, trial, and alteration process, it is essential that brides have all the information they need to make an informed decision. There are a few important questions that needs to be discussed with bridals consultants before saying yes.

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1. How many fittings are needed? How long will the alterations take?

Be sure to ask your consultant about the timeline for alterations and trials. This allows you and your bridal house to plan your schedules. If gown resizing is all that is needed, alterations shouldn’t take more than two hours. Try to get alterations and fittings done on the same day. This avoids the hassle of visiting the bridal boutique multiple times. 

2. Extra costs, if any

Sometimes, gowns may need a little extra detailing in the form of lace patches or stonework. Check with your bridal consultant to see if these extras are included in the gown price or if they must be purchased separately. This will avoid confusion in the future and help rearrange your gown budget a little to accommodate the extra costs.


3. What to wear to fittings

Fittings are one of the most important stages because they determine how you will appear on your wedding day. Therefore, to ace your fitting, wear things that you intend to wear for your wedding. from jewelry to shoes and shapewear. This will give you and your consultant an idea of the kind of alterations that need to be done to your gown. 

4. Will my gown be prepped and steamed before delivery?

The last thing you want is to walk down the aisle in a wrinkled gown. This has to be one of the easiest questions to ask, but quite easy to forget. Ideally, your gowns will go through a thorough steaming and preparation process before delivery. In the event you do notice a few wrinkles, make sure to take a steamer along to the venue to steam out those last-minute wrinkles.

5. Pre- and post-wedding support

Your wedding gown needs extra love and care before and after the wedding. Make sure to ask your bridal consultants for tips that will help your gown last a lifetime. At least 3–4 days before the wedding, make sure to let your gown air out and get back in shape. Make sure to steam it to remove the creases. Post-wedding, make sure to get rid of any stains immediately using trusted dry cleaners. After that, make sure to stuff the gown with acid-free tissue and store it in the plastic bag provided by the bridal boutique.


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