Your Crowning Glory - Tiara and Hair Accessories - Menorah

You’ve selected your gown, shoes to go with it, and jewellery. The one aspect that really completes your bridal look is your headpiece, be it a tiara or a hair accessory. A tiara is timeless, unique, and has a sense of romance, which is just the kind of vibe you need on your big day. Brides these days are paying close attention to how they look, and when it comes to tiaras, there are many factors to keep in mind while selecting your crowning glory.
We spoke to a leading makeup artist in the city to get some insight on how to select a tiara for your wedding day. Read on to find out more.

1. Based on your Hair-do 

This has to be one of the deciding factors based on which you select a tiara or hair accessory. If you plan to leave your hair down in loose curls, having a huge, bulky tiara sitting on top without any support is not advisable. Rather, choose a light-weight and small tiara that can be easily secured either with bobby pins or an elastic that can be attached to the loops on your tiara. On the other hand, an up-do is perfect for a tiara to sit nestled on top.

2. Your Attire 

The gown that you wear also contributes to at least 50% of the vote when it comes to choosing a tiara. If you have trouble selecting a tiara, all you need to do is look at your gown and pay attention to the finer details. If your gown has pearls, you should wear a tiara with miniature pearls on it, as well as stones and crystals.


3. The Shape of Your Face

The proportions of your face also play a huge role. Makeup artist Lekha Neelakantappa shares, “People with oval faces are the luckiest as any tiara will work for them, like a halo or smaller band.” Meanwhile, people with square faces shouldn’t go with anything large or bulky and should try to keep it delicate. People with round face shapes need to add some height in the form of their tiara.”

4. Tiaras and Bridal Jewellery 

Jewellery and tiaras go hand in hand, but having said that, striking a balance between them is hard. When you use an elaborate tiara, avoid chunky necklaces and earrings. A small stud is all you need to complete your look. On the other hand, when your tiara is minimalistic, drop earrings and a thin bracelet for your hand is perfect.

5. No Tiara?

For anyone who cannot handle the pressure of wearing a tiara, a hair accessory is a must. Lekha adds, “The alternative to a tiara is hair combs, especially for people with long faces or round faces.” Additionally, hair vines with crystal stones, leaves, and flowers exude a very magical and whimsical feel, so be sure to try one on to see if it matches your personality.