Bigger and Better - Menorah

The last three years have been all about intimate and minimalist weddings that we totally fell in love with. However, the pomp and glory of a full-blown celebration is something that we have all missed. This year, the wedding industry is seeing a resurgence of trends that are sure to be a part of your celebration. From decor to ensembles, couples want everything that screams bigger and better.
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1.Big Statement Florals 

Although we absolutely adore the dainty floral centre pieces that have adorned our guest tables and floral installations around the venue, this year, a couple want floral pieces that will really stand out and look magnificent. A splash of colour like hues of red, orange, purple, pink, yellow, and blue to add depth and vibrancy to your decor will make it appear more contemporary than retro!

2. Big and Bold Colour Scheme

This year, couples are choosing to go bold with colour choices and schemes. Not just small bursts of colour here and there, but major colour blocking in terms of decor, food, and clothes will be seen this year. Though the classics will forever remain a safe and easy choice, vibrant colour palettes like dusty blue and orange, cinnamon rose, emerald, hot pink, gold, etc. are some you can experiment with this season.

3. Over-the-top Farewells

Sparkler send-offs were all the rage, but now people are realising the dangers of using a sparkler when you’re having a good time. Since send-offs are a huge part of any wedding, couples have moved on from sparklers to pillar candles, streamers, colourful balloons, petals, and even bubbles. Not only are they safe to use, but just think of the amazing photographs you will have post-wedding.

4. Let them eat cake!

Although naked cakes and not-cake cakes are fresh, modern, and contemporary, nothing beats a good old-fashioned wedding cake. Decadent buttercream with a spongy cake is honestly something that we all look forward to. This year, over-the-top cakes are back in style among couples. Customising and personalising it to suit couples’ needs is taking over this season.

5. Shimmer/Shine and Big Floral 

This season, brides are looking to sparkle up their gowns. Shimmer is high on the list of things that brides want this year. A glitter net layer is for anyone who is looking to shake things up and go for a bold and stunning look.Another trend that is making headlines this season is big floral lace patterns, which are perfect if you want to make a bold statement. Big floral laces on gowns look tasteful and scream vintage.


Picture Credit: Pinterest