Minimalist Wedding - Menorah

For generations, we have played around with the idea that a big, fat wedding is the only way for a couple to enjoy their wedding day. But COVID has made us think differently. COVID has normalised small, intimate, downsized, and budget weddings. After years of trying to pull off an extravagant event, planning for something small and within a stipulated budget can get intimidating. A low-budget wedding does not have to mean foregoing wedding-related dreams.All it means is that you get to be creative and smart with all the minute details of your big day. But with a few tips from us, it is sure to be a walk in the park.
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1. Draft a Wedding Budget Plan  

One of the most important things to remember before planning your wedding is to prepare a budget and follow it religiously. With a well-allocated budget, you will be able to plan for every minute detail you want to include in your wedding. This will also ensure that you don’t overspend on the smaller aspects of the wedding. Making smart decisions at this stage of wedding planning will ensure a well-planned and enjoyable wedding.

2. Choose a Gown Package 

When you visit a boutique to look for gowns, inquire if they have package discounts. This essentially means that bridal boutiques may give you a discount when you buy your gown and accessories from them. It is hassle-free as you won’t have to go hunting for accessories like a veil, tiara, bouquets, etc. With all of them available under one roof, the amount of time spent bridal shopping is cut in half, and in return, you get to invest a little bit of your gown budget into other aspects of your wedding.


3. Cake from a Home Baker 

Your cake is one of the most important decisions you will make at your wedding. But it will also be the one factor that will burn a hole in your pocket. While it may be quite fancy to get a huge three-tiered, fondant-lined, and sugar-flower cake from a well-known place, it is not economical. Rather, choose a home baker that you know and have sampled cakes from. This will not only bring down the cost but also ensure quality for the money spent.

4. Say no to an Open Bar 

When planning an intimate and low-cost wedding, an open bar is a no-no.Avoid a full bar menu and restrict it to two cocktails and wine. A bit of research and some insight will help you choose wine brands that are good and inexpensive. A signature cocktail highlighting the couple’s characters is a great way to make the entire experience more intimate.

5. Ditch the DJ or band and have a personalised playlist

Choose a personalised playlist that includes top hits and favourite songs that the couple enjoys listening to.This ensures that you will have fun dancing to music that you enjoy while also being easy on your wedding budget. Additionally, you can also ask guests to send you their favourite songs that can be played at the reception.