It's All About Your Theme! - Menorah

In a bygone era, weddings were more traditional in terms of themes. But, over the years, we have learnt to embrace new and unique colours like dusty roses, blush pinks and pastel blues. Themes these days are extremely important while planning your dream wedding. The right theme sets the tone for the entire ceremony and leaves your guests with a lasting impression. This year, you can expect a lot of unusual colours palettes that are gonna make a splash on your big day. 

Read on to find out more about the themes that are trending this year. 

The Multiple Shades of Grey!

Yes Grey! Despite the bad reputation that it has gained over the years, it is a stunning shade. The shade is versatile and is sure to add a touch of elegance to your big day. If you’re skeptical of using  all grey, try and pair it with other colours. With a grey background, add small touches of blush, forest green and even teal. This, you can do in the form of floral pieces, decor, table runners etc.

Powder Blue or Pastel Blue:

Any shade of pastel is a stunner. But, baby blue in particular is just dreamy. This shade of blue has been around for a long time and with weddings, it is a favourite! When using a shade like pastel blue, you can use it on its own or pair it up with colours like dusty rose, teal, white and minty green.  I would highly recommend using it on its own to keep the ceremony clean and crisp. In the form of bridesmaid dress, bow ties and even bouquets, there is a never ending list of ways in which you can use this colour. 

Mustard Yellow and Green! 

Summery colours are on trend this season. Adding shades of yellow, green, oranges and reds to your big day is surely going to make you stand out. This season, mustard yellow and green are going hand-in-hand. When the vibe that your are going for is bright, cheery and full of life, then this theme is a must have. I would suggest having your bridesmaids is mustard yellow dresses and bright green foliage as a hair accessory. Additionally, you can have marigold, yellow tulips and carnations bunches along your aisle. Be sure to give the colour a break with some forest green foliage. 


This is an unusual colour that has been gaining prominence over the last couple of years. Dark and mysterious, terracotta as a wedding colour is quite new and brides are loving it. Going for a vibe that is not sparkly and girly, terracotta is sure to add depth to any wedding party. Oozing rustic charm, you can incorporate this shade in your cake, bridesmaid dresses, table runners, centre pieces etc. 

Rose Gold and Rose Brown Pantone: 

One can never go wrong with these colours. When you mix colours like glittery rose gold and a mysterious rose brown pantone, the result is a chic, luxurious and a well-curated wedding ceremony. Add a touch of elegance and panache in the form of rose gold and brown bridesmaid dress, glittery table cloths and even in the form of a sparkly manicure and pedicure.