The Wedding Timeline - Menorah

While planning for one of the biggest days of your life, being meticulous with every detail is of utmost importance. It’s only when you start months ahead of your wedding date, you can make every aspect of this day special. Starting atleast 6 months before your wedding date will give you ample amount of time to research vendors, look for your gown, talk to caterers, sit for cake tastings and book the perfect entertainment for your big day. Using this wedding timeline, you can plan out every detail to the T.


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1. 6 Months 

This is one of the most crucial months of your wedding planning timeline. This is the phase where you decide on the gown you will wear for your big day. Research various bridal boutiques in your locality, make an appointment with them, and then it’s time for trial…trial…trial! At this stage, you have a decision to make as well. You can either go for an off-the-rack gown or make a one-of-a-kind custom-made gown. This gives both the bride and the boutique ample time to make your gown from scratch and work out all the fine details i.e choosing accessories like lace, material, beading,  veils, bouquets, jewelry, etc. 

2. 5 Months

With all the attention that is given to the bride, there is one person who gets left behind in all this confusion – The Groom! 5 months into wedding planning is when grooms have zero in on a tux or suit for their big day. Although it may seem easy, in reality, there are a lot of fine details that one has to look into. Like the color and whether it suits the bride’s dress, the wedding theme, the material if you’re getting married in a particular season like summer where you would require a breathable fabric, etc. Additionally, this also is the time for the groom to choose his groomsmen’s outfit. 


3. 4 Months

Your wedding will be remembered for many things but the most important is – CAKE! The cake you choose will set the tone for weddings to come. While deciding on the cake you want to keep a few things in mind. With flavor being the most important, you also need the inspiration of epic proportions. Make sure that the cake you choose tell your story. Also, choose a trusted baker who is available for your date and time. 

4. 3 Months

In the 3rd month leading up to your big day, it is time to get your favors in place. This is something that you will have to sit and plan with your groom-to-be and also your wedding planner. The market is laden with unique gift ideas that will really set you apart as a couple. This is one area where you can let your imagination run wild and think of something unique and personalized to give your guests. 

5. 2 Months

This month, make sure you get together with your wedding planner to discuss – flowers that will adorn your arches, aisles, stand-alone pieces, table set-up, etc. Ensure to let your wedding planner know the kind of flowers you want, allergies, fillers, colors, etc. Talk about the various setups you would like around the venue, ground, or ceiling installation. If you plan on getting fresh flowers for your bouquet, do a mock so that you will have an idea of how it will look on the big day. 

6. 1 Month  

This month, it is finally time to get your entire wedding attire sorted. Stay in touch with the bridal gown boutique and get your final trials and alterations out of the way. Don’t wait until the last minute as this will not give the boutique enough time to sort out any minor issues you might have with the fit and details of the gown. Additionally, you could also break in your wedding shoes so as to not get blisters on the big day.  

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