The Wedding Gown: Start to Finish - Menorah

Out of all the things a girl will wear in her life, her wedding gown is the single most important thing. As girls, we have have been planning for this day almost all our lives. Therefore, your wedding gown needs to be elegant, mystical and magical. As important as a gown is to any bride, it is equally important for the bride to know the entire process of selecting a gown for a her big day. 


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1.Scheduling Appointments 

This is one of the first things you will be doing when you start planning for your wedding. Check out the various options available around. After deciding on a boutique, contact the boutique atleast 6 months before you’re wedding date. This is crucial as you will need ample time to decide on a style, budget, take in opinions of the entourage etc.

2. Trials & Measurements 

On reaching the boutique, try and give your bridal executive a clear picture of what you want and the look you are going for. Having said this, be open to try on styles and looks that are not part of your original plan. Often, we have seen a lot of brides come in with a set mind and once they try on a different style, they are hooked! Additionally, allow enough time – approximately about 2 hours per appointment to get the entire experience. 

3. Customisation

Post trials, every bride has a choice! A choice to choose a gown of the rack or get a custom designed gown that is one of kind and exquisite. During this stage, your dream gown is being made from scratch. From the neckline to train, material, beads and crystals to the laces will be discussed. At every stage, the bride will be kept in the loop giving her an idea of how the gown will look. 

4. Final Trials

Final trials are often quite stressful both on the bride, her entourage and the bridal boutique. So when you’re coming for the trial, it is advisable to come prepared. Give ample time for your final trials so that all alterations on your gown are done immediately (p.s we take about 2 hours to complete all alterations). Additionally, bring along the footwear you will be wearing on the big day to get an idea of how you will look. 

5. Delivery

Be sure to inform your bridal boutique before hand when you would like to collect your gown and accessories. This will give the boutique enough time to pack it and keep it ready. Ensure to let your boutique know how you want your gown to be packed I.e carry bad, gown cover etc. Additionally, ask for a checklist of things that are packed with your gown. This will ensure that both you and your boutique are on the same page. Picture of the packing process will be shared to avoid any future hassles you might face.