Summer Wedding Gown Trends 2021! - Menorah

What you wear on your big day is as important as the one standing down the aisle waiting for you. This season, the blazing sun and the heat have to been taken into account while selecting that perfect gown. Your dress has to be a stunner, comfortable, flowy, easy to carry and at the same time chic! And if you’re wedding day is fast approaching and it is happening in the summer and if you’re still scratching your head wondering what you’re going to wear, we have got your covered. Read on for some inspiration.

Shorter Trains

All you will ever want this summer is to be comfortable. And this mean not lugging around a gigantic train on your wedding day. Although a train is classy, romantic and elegant, on particularly hot summer’s day, a bride does not have bear the burden of a train. Instead, opt or shorter, flowy and easy to carry train. You can however draw focus to neck by having a dramatic neckline.

 Do away with a gown itself!


Source: Pinterest

When it comes to wedding, there never have been any rules stipulating what you need wear, how you need to look etc. If gowns are not your thing, why bother with it on your wedding day? Go for a pant suit instead! Pant suits now-a-days are not reserved for a formal setting only. A crisp ivory pantsuit with rhinestone encrusted stilettoes and a fabulous up-do is all you need to make a splash.

Here come the florals!


There is something about floral prints that is so very chic when worn during the summer. This season, florals are making a splash on wedding gowns as well. Either in the form of lace applique, embroidery and even rhinestones, florals are a versatile trend that is perfect for a bride that is loves the natural and ethereal vibe.