Wedding Day Must Haves - Menorah

A wedding has to be filled with love, magic and happiness. But to achieve this feat it is quite task for any bride. In addition to planning out a great wedding, brides need to look, smell and feel good. While her family is there as constant support to help her through, there are various other things that you can do to make the day less stressful.

Read on find out tips on wedding day must haves.

  1. Your Bridal Trousseau: First and foremost, do not forget to pack your gown, tiara, jewelry, reception dress, veil and shoes.

    2. Emergency sewing kit: This sewing must contain a few needles, threads, scissors, safety pins for those last minute loose threads or even a small tear.

      3. Snackables: Hunger pangs come unexpectedly. So, keep a small stack of chocolates and energy bars to calm your rolling tummies.

      4. Toiletries: With all that will be going on D-day, a bride might forget to do the basics. Pack a dental kit, razor, tampons etc.

      5. Bridal Robe: A bride is not likely to stay in her wedding gown the entire time. Therefore, a robe is a must for when she is getting her hair and makeup done or when she wants to rest up.