The Art of Customisation - Menorah

The gown you wear on the day when you marry the love of your life has to be single most important piece of clothing you will ever wear. Choosing the right gown that fits your personality to the T is important to shine bright on the big day. However, when you’re on a time crunch, choosing something off the rack is your best bet. This will avoid the stress of wondering if your gown will be ready or not! But if, you have time on your hands, a customised gown is what you need if you want to achieve perfection! 


Read on find out more if you think a custom made gown is something you want. 

1. Appointments  

This will have to be the single most important step while customizing a gown. Scheduling an appointment with a bridal boutique at least 6 or 7 months before the big day is recommended. This appointment is meant to scout out designs and fits that will look good on you. Trying on the various gown types available will give you a good idea of what suits your body type. Be sure to also inquire about their customization rates to check whether it fits into your budget. 

2. Placing Your Gown Order

Once you have decided that this is the route you want to go, schedule another appointment to confirm your order. Be sure to let the boutique know any changes you would like to gown that you have previously tried on. In case you want a completely new gown, share an ample amount of clear picture references so that it is replicated well.


3. Deciding on the Finer Details 

At this stage, you will get to decide on the smallest of details along with your bridal consultant. This is also the stage during which you can select lace patterns, fabrics, colours, beadwork, crystals, etc. It is recommended that you have your gown made slightly bigger than your actual size in case you have weight fluctuations. Additionally, you will get a detailed explanation of the entire customization process as well as the terms and conditions followed by the boutique. 

4. Trials and Alterations 

As you arrive at this stage, most of wedding prep would have finished. Sometimes, the anticipation of trying on your custom made gown for the first time can be daunting, having an open mind is necessary. Any minor alterations are done at this stage that includes correcting the size of your gown. To avoid visiting the boutique multiple times, ensure to finish the alteration in a day. 

5. Delivery

This is the final stage when you get to take your gown home. At this point, you can also select any accessory that you would like to pair with your gown (I.e tiara, hair accessory, bouquet boutonnières, etc). Be sure to ask your bridal consultant for any after-care tips and ways to store your gown to last an entire lifetime.