How To De-Stress from Wedding Planning - Menorah

The prospect of planning your perfect dream wedding is truly very exciting. From choosing your wedding theme, the flowers that will light up your aisle, your gown etc. But when responsibility piles up, that’s when you start feeling the burn. For couple who are planning their wedding single-handedly, some time away is needed and advised. Be it a candle light dinner alone or a weekend getaway, time away is surely beneficial in the long run! 


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1. Picnic Date! 

Although the concept of a picnic seems a bit traditional, it is one of the most romantic options. Like the movies we have grown up seeing, picnic really give couples a chance to reconnect and fall in love all over again.  There are plenty of place all over the city that can be the perfect spot for your picnic. 

2. Spa Day Out

A couple’s spa day is the perfect opportunity to rest up before the big day. You can plan to go out or stay in and pamper yourselves with massages, facials, mani-pedi etc. Accompany your spa day with some tasty and healthy food. This day away from wedding planning will give couples some time to themselves from the bustle. 


3. Movie Nights!

Movie nights in are ideal for couples who love to catch up with recent flicks. Set the mood with some fairy lights, cozy blankets, fluffy pillows and not to forget – loads of edibles and munchies. If you are one of those couple who love binging this is the perfect date night. 

4. Weekend Getaways…

A mini-holiday is the perfect setting to throw an impromptu bachelor/bachelorette party. Couples can join up with friends and go on a road trip for some much needed time away from wedding planning. This will also give couples a chance to spend some time alone.

5. Hand Over the Reins.

What are friends and family for if not to help you plan your wedding? When you have spent all this time perfectly planning every single detail of your dream wedding, stressing about the simplest detail is common. In such a case, it is not wrong to hand the reins over to trusted friends and families. It is important to trust them enough to help you make your big day perfect.