Floral Trends 2021 - Menorah
When it comes to weddings, things are ever-changing. Things that worked in past are no more relevant. As millennial, we have seen our mothers holding over-the-top white and red bouquets that touch the ground. Additionally, floral pieces that were placed across their venues had little to no experiment at all. This was a set standard that was followed by all. These days, florals pieces and bouquets play a huge role in weddings. Careful eye to detail is paid to every floral centre-piece, bouquets and decor. 
Here is how trends have changed this year! 

Petit Bouquets: 

Gigantic and extravagant bouquets are a thing of the past. Brides these days have become quite specific with the type of floral pieces that they would want in their wedding. Their bouquets have to be modern, chic and in par with their theme. This year, petit bouquets are quite big. I would recommend personally choosing the right blooms and having them arranged to show your bridal personality. Try out exotic florals like cream ranunculus, peachy peonies, powder blue hydrangeas or even a crisp white gardenia.

Bring in Texture: 

The thing about modern day wedding is that anything works! You want a massive floral centre piece then go for it! You want petals adorning your aisle, why the hell not? The best part about planning a wedding now is that there are so many things to choose from. Instead of going for an all-flower bouquet, add in a bit of texture. Forest green foliage or even curly willow can be added to a bouquet to ooze rustic charm. If chic elegance is your vibe, try our baby’s breath or even Queen Anne’s lace for chic floral do. 

Green and White!

One can never go wrong with the green and white combination. Simple, crisp and classic, this combination has stood the test of time. This season, we will be seeing a lot of greens and whites in haute couture floral designs. Screaming classic elegance, any bride with this colour combination is sure to make a huge and loud statement. 

Grounded Installations!

The trend of having ceiling floral installations has been going on for years now but this year, things are more grounded. I would recommend keeping things simple! Choose an extravagant floral pieces for your aisle and your wedding venue while keeping other decor pieces to the bare minimum. Mix and match from a range of flowers like Lily of the Valley, Liropes and Alyssums. 

Be Bold and Colourful –

There is nothing stopping you from choosing bold, bright and beautiful colours for your wedding. So go right ahead and be bold while selecting the types of florals to adorn your wedding venue. Add in a bit of neutral shades and deep green foliage so that it gives break from the vibrant colours. From Pansy to Hyacinth and Lilac to Garden rose, the choice is endless.