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Your wedding gown is the single most important thing that you will wear! But, choosing that perfect gown is not as easy as it seems. While selecting a gown, there are numerous factors to consider. A bride needs to look at her personality, her venue, theme and also a silhouette that will accentuate all the right curves. From A-lines to ball gowns, mermaids and trumpet style gowns, wedding gowns can come in all shapes and sizes. 

Menorah Bridal got in touch with a city based designer who share her views on the silhouettes and the body types they suit.

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An A-Line is Universal!

One can never go wrong with this silhouette. A-line gowns are said to be one of the easiest gowns to pull off for any bride. Screaming comfort and elegance, A-lines can easily become your dream wedding gown. Designer Resham Kunhi sharing her expert opinion says, “A-line gowns suit all body types as it flairs down towards the bottom no matter your shape and size.” 

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The classic Ball Gown…

There is something about a ball gown for a wedding that is “oh so magical”. Walking down the aisle with a mystical ivory-coloured shimmery ball gown personifies classic charm and elegance. “A ball gown is perfect for anyone who wants to show-off their upper body. The fitted bodice and voluminous skirt is perfect to do just this. A ball gown is also great when you want to accentuate your natural waistline,” Reshma adds. 

Insider’s knowledge – A ball gown can be quite heavy what with all the layers of net and tulle. So if you’re ready for the weight then go for it. You are definitely going to make heads turn. 

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The Mermaid…

We have always been fascinated with the concept of mermaids. So, to bring a little mermaid charm into our lives, some designer long long ago came up with mermaid gown. Kudos to the designer, as we are loving it. A mermaid gown is fitted, it snugs your hips and your waist before ending in a dramatic flare. So, if you have the curves in all the right place, then this is the gown for you. 

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Trumpet Gown! 

There has been a lot of debate on the difference between a mermaid and a trumpet gown. Yes! they are pretty similar but the difference lies in the flare. A mermaid has a dramatic flare whereas a trumped it more gradual and mellow. Reshma shares, “A trumpet gowns look good on curvier women as does not stick to your body as much as a mermaid.” 

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Sheath Gowns: 

When chic style and elegance is the vibe your are opting for your wedding, a sheath gown plays right into this vibe. Reshma adds, “Sheath gowns is perfect for petite women as it takes their natural body shape and has straight cut and a fitted form. But anyone with an hourglass shape can also play around with it.”